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Dan Weir has been working in youth development & summer camp for over 20 years. He is a host on the CampHacker Podcast, volunteers at with American Camp Association NY-NJ & the New York State Camp Directors Association, and works at the YMCA of Long Island. He tweets at @danlovescamp.



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It's worth your time: Managing Millenials - NJ YMCA CEOS (May 2016)



 You want to talk again about this project? You are stressed with your workload but you want more? You want a raise but you have only been here 3 months? It’s a different generation entering the workforce. The great part about working with millennials is that they are hungry to take on the world. The difficult part is they don’t know where to start first. Learn from Dan and Lindsay techniques that have worked for them with managing millennials. Walk away with a new understanding of how the typical employee from this generation thinks. Leave with new ideas of how to lead and guide this enthusiastic group. 

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