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Dan Weir has been working in youth development & summer camp for over 20 years. He is a host on the CampHacker Podcast, volunteers at with American Camp Association NY-NJ & the New York State Camp Directors Association, and works at the YMCA of Long Island. He tweets at @danlovescamp.



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Whenever I get nervous I pretend that I'm just singing to trees.

A recent alum of my camp gave an interview on budding music career and where her inspiration came from.  For me, the highlight of the article was when she talked about how camp gave her the confidence she has today.

“That's actually the first place I sang when I was a really little kid. I was terrified and I really didn't want to go up on stage and sing but mom was good she said, 'Oh you have a really great voice. Go sing.' And so I did but I practiced by singing to the trees because it's like in the middle of nowhere in Upstate New York, so it's really quite beautiful there. So it's kinda become my motto because of that one performance because of singing to the trees. Whenever I get nervous I pretend that I'm just singing to trees.”

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